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Type of Export with B2B2C E-commerce

  • KOTRA : Operation of B2B(BUY KOREA)
  • Korea Trade Association : Operate Kmall24, Online overseas sales shopping mall
  • Small & Medium Business Corporation : Support business of B2C sales agencies (Amazon, ebay, Taobao, Rakuten, Qoo10)
  • Domestic
  • Overseas

Overseas Marketing & Sales Strategies

Participated in Hi-Seoul Good Products Sourcing Fair 2017
(B2B Display & Buyer Sourcing).

Conducted approximately 1,400 one-on-one buyer-customized meeting.

Promoted the Company and cultivated the overseas market.

Selected as [Idea Product] in the section of Sports / Leisure / Travel in Hi-Seoul Good Products Awards 2017/2018, conducted by Seoul Business Agency.

1. By attaching Certification Mark of Hi-Seoul, win customers’ trust through quality assurance of products and service.
2. With a brand image of good products recognized by specialists and organizations, it is expected to diversify domestic and overseas markets with increased sales.

Mark means ‘Good Product’ selected by Distribution Brands Selection Committee of Seoul Business Agency.


Japan : Rash guard, Kids wear
Hong Kong : Rash guard
Indonesia : Rash guard, Swim wear
Vietnam : Natural jean
Thailand : 요가복 수입

Russia : Swim wear, Yoga wear
Poland : Swim wear, Yoga wear
Greece : Swim wear, Yoga wear

North America
USA : Rash guard

Mid / Long-term Business Strategy

Business improvement

Market expansion

• Strengthening online sales activity
• Reducing cost
• Strategy for improvement of added value
• Strengthening the company’s website
• Consistent promotion of new product development

Maximizing sales capacity

Strengthening marketing activities

• Vitalizing the company’sbrand(s)
• Maximizing profitability
• Strengthening sales through open markets
• Consistent promotion of new product development

General company related to sports

Diversifying business

• Expanding sports-related business
• Strengthening marketing
– (B2B sales) activity
• Strengthening the market share
• Consistent promotion of new product development

Increasing the market share and Expanding to overseas market

Global company

• Strengthening financial solvency
• Strengthening the market share
• Getting high added value of the company’s brand(s)
• Vitalizing an export market (the company’s brand(s))
• Consistent promotion of new product development


Trend magazine mall
oving picture & UCC mall
Building a shopping mall for specialists

Global shopping mall
Trend making & consulting
B2B / B2C overseas shopping mall